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Transfer Between Full-Time and Part-Time Status

Transfer to full-time status: Part-time students who have completed the required portion of the curriculum (terms 1 through 4) may transfer to full-time status by declaring such at registration. A student who has not completed the required curriculum may transfer to full-time status with permission of Dean Rothman: this permission will be routinely granted because the school encourages early transfer. However, the student must obtain schedule approval for each subsequent full-time semester until all required courses have been completed, in order to ensure that a student does not elect upper-class courses before taking the underlying first-year work.

A student may transfer to full-time status at any point up to the beginning of the semester in which transfer is contemplated. Early notification is desirable, however, because students who transfer after registration is complete will not be able to register for closed courses.

Part-time students normally graduate in four years, including two summers. Students who transfer to full-time status can graduate in 3-1/2 years, or even three years, depending on how early they transfer, when they enroll in certain required courses, and whether they attend summer sessions. Students who so transfer should understand, however, that by changing programs and accelerating graduation, they may render unavailable certain scholastic opportunities (such as Moot Court and journal participation) and some elective course offerings.

Transfer to part-time status: Full-time students, including those who may have begun as part-time students, may transfer to part-time status, following the same procedures outlined in the paragraphs above.