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Assistant Professor Anjum Gupta, who is Director of the Immigrant Rights Clinic, was elected to the national board of directors of the Clinical Legal Education Association (Dec. 13). 

Professors Twila Perry and David Troutt and Assistant Professor Taja-Nia Henderson spoke at the conference “A Living, Working Faith: Remembering Our Colleague Derrick A. Bell, Jr.,” held at Columbia Law School. (Dec. 10)

Professor Vera Bergelson gave a panel presentation on “Consent: Meaning and Ritual” at the symposium titled Ceremonies of Law: Doctrine, Ritual, Ceremonial, held at the University of Wollongong, Australia. (Dec. 8)

Assistant Professor Christina Ho presented a paper titled “Health Rights at the Juncture of State and Market: the People’s Republic of China” at a workshop on The Right to Health in a Globalized World, which was held at Tel Aviv University. (Dec. 4)

Professor Stuart Green gave a talk titled “Is Unlawful Downloading Really Stealing?” to Betaworks, a New York-based venture capital firm.

“Skeptical Marriage Equality” by Associate Professor Suzanne Kim, published in 2011 in the Harvard Journal of Law and Gender, has been nominated for the Williams Institute Dukeminier Award, which recognizes the best law review articles published that year in the fields of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Professor Gary Francione delivered the keynote address via Skype at the Animals in Law and Science Conference sponsored by the University of South Africa (UNISA), Pretoria. A distance education university founded in 1873, UNISA has more than 300,000 students in southern Africa, other African countries and abroad, and attracts scholars from around the world to its conferences. (Nov. 28)

Professor Frank Askin participated in a debate on the Citizens United decision at Rutgers School of Law–Camden that was sponsored by the Federalist Society and the American Constitution Society. (Nov. 15) Askin was a panelist at a conference on “Health Care Reform in the United States: Legal Implications and Policy Considerations,” held at the University of Connecticut School of Law. (Nov. 11-12)

Legal Research and Writing Instructor Amy Bitterman gave a lecture on “Settling Cultural Property Disputes,” the title of her forthcoming article in the Villanova Sports and Entertainment Law Journal, as part of the Rutgers program in Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies (CHAPS). (Nov. 9)

Dean John Farmer was a panelist for the “English Law and the Troubles” session at the New Jersey State Bar Association Mid-Year Meeting, held in Dublin. (Nov. 6 – 12)

Associate Dean Jon Dubin presented his articles “The Labor Market Side of Disability Benefits Policy and Law,” 20 S. Cal. Rev. L. & Soc. Just. 1 (2011) and “Overcoming Gridlock: Campbell after a Quarter-Century and Bureaucratically Rational Gap-Filling in Mass Justice Adjudication in the Social Security Administration’s Disability Programs,” 62 Admin. L. Rev. 937 (2010) at the Fall 2011 national conference of the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives in San Antonio. (Nov. 5)

Associate Professor Adil Haque presented his paper, “Killing in the Fog of War,” to the American Society of International Law First Annual Research Forum at UCLA Law School. (Nov. 5)

Professor Carlos Ball delivered the keynote address at Exploring the American Family Conference, the joint conference of the Northeast People of Color and the Asian Pacific American Law Faculty, which was held at  Hofstra University School of Law. The address was based on his forthcoming book, The Right to Be Parents. (Nov. 5)

Associate Professor Suzanne A. Kim spoke on the opening plenary panel, titled “What is the American Family?,” at Hofstra Law School’s Conference “Exploring the American Family.” (Nov. 4) 

Associate Professor Adil Haque
served as a discussant at the St. John’s University School of Law conference “The Retributivist Tradition and Its Future Policy.” (November 4)

Associate Professor Steve Gold was a panelist for “Newark’s Industrial Legacy,” sponsored by the New Jersey Council for the Humanities and to be held at the Newark Museum. (November 2)


Professor James Pope
presented “Thirteenth Amendment Labor Rights” at the conference titled The Constitutionalization of Labor and Employment Law held at the University of Wisconsin Law School. (October 28)

Professor Mark Weiner discussed his forthcoming book The Rule of the Clan at the Yale Law School Legal History Forum. (October 25)

Associate Dean Jon Dubin has been appointed to the planning committee for the AALS Clinical Section’s annual conference, scheduled for April 30–May 3, 2012 in Los Angeles.

Associate Professor Suzanne A. Kim is on the planning committee to organize the Jan. 4, 2012 conference of the Feminist Legal Theory Collaborative Research Network at George Washington Law School. The FLT-CRN is a nationwide group of scholars focused on gender- and feminist theory-related legal scholarship.

Assistant Professor Anjum Gupta has been named co-chair of the planning committee for the first-ever national immigration law clinicians’ conference, which will be part of the biennial Immigration Law Teachers Workshop. The workshop will take place Spring 2012 at Hofstra Law School.

Adjunct Professor Abed Awad has launched the blog islamiclawinamerica.com

Professor James Pope presented “Law and the Racial Polarization of the American Working Class” at the West Virginia Law Faculty Colloquium. (September 28) He commented on “Labor and the Constitution: What Rights Do Americans Have in the Workplace?” at the Constitution Day Lecture at Princeton University. (September 22) 

Professor Carlos Ball served as moderator for the Rutgers–Newark Constitution Day debate on “Is the Defense of Marriage Act Constitutionally Defensible?” (September 19) 

Professor John Leubsdorf participated as a lead commentator at the Judges and Judging Workshop held at American University’s Washington College of Law. (September 16)

Professor Karima Bennoune spoke on “Palestine: The U.N. Debate and Beyond,” co-sponsored by Global Policy Forum and the NGO Working Group on Israel-Palestine and held at the U.N. Church Center. (September 12)

Professor Vera Bergelson presented her paper “The Choice of Evils: in Search of a Viable Rationale” at the University of Stirling’s (UK) Criminalization Conference. (September 9)

Associate Professor Suzanne A. Kim’s article “The Neutered Parent” has been accepted for publication by the Yale Journal of Law and Feminism and will be published in spring 2012. The article was recently listed on three of SSRN’s Top Ten Download Lists – for Legal Scholarship in Family Law (Sexuality), on Parenthood, and on Anti-Discrimination Law.
 JULY 2011

Associate Dean Jon Dubin
testified before the New Jersey Assembly’s Judiciary Committee on the impact of State budgetary cuts to programs for legal services to the poor, including cuts to funding for clinical legal education at New Jersey’s three law schools. (July 27)

JUNE 2011

Digital Services Librarian Wei Fang presented “Video Formats, Encoders, Repositories: the Current State and the Trends” at the CALI Conference for Law School Computing, held at Marquette University Law School. (June 25)

Associate Professor Suzanne Kim moderated the panel titled “Marriage, Divorce, and In Between” at the AALS Workshop on Women Rethinking Equality in Washington, DC. (June 22)

Professor Jonathan Hyman presented a lecture on “Mediation Ethics and the New Unconscious” at the conference on Teaching Law School ADR Classes held at the Straus Institute, Pepperdine Law School. (June 21)

Professor Paul Tractenberg addressed a group of state supreme court justices from around the country at the Aspen Institute’s program “U.S. State Courts: Learning From Other Jurisdictions.” (June 17–19)

Professor Jon Dubin, Associate Dean for Clinical Education, presented on a panel on “Fostering Intellectual Space for Clinical Colleagues” at a plenary session at the AALS mid-year Biennial Law Clinic Directors Workshop, held in Seattle. (June 17)

Clinical Professor Esther Canty-Barnes and Clinical Professor Randi Mandelbaum spoke at the Conference on Clinical Education session “The Context(s) of Disability.” (June 15)

Former New Jersey governors Brendan Byrne, Thomas Kean, and James Florio participated in “Governors Speak Out: The Future of Education in Austere Times.” The forum was organized and moderated by Professor Paul Tractenberg and presented by Legal One, a project in which Tractenberg’s Institute on Education Law & Policy is a founding partner. (June 13)

Associate Professor Suzanne Kim presented “The Neutered Parent” at the Emerging Family Law Scholars and Teachers Conference, held at UC Hastings College of Law (June 2) and at the Law and Society Annual Meeting in San Francisco as part of the Feminist Legal Theory Collaborative Research Network. (June 3)

Professor Vera Bergelson was a panelist for “Choice of Evils: In Search of a Viable Rationale” at the Law and Society Association Annual Meeting, held in San Francisco. (June 2) 
MAY 2011

The Administrative Conference of the United States has hired Professor Bernard Bell as a consultant to conduct its research study on potential modifications of the Sunshine Act, the federal open meetings law governing multimember agencies.

Professor Bernard Bell was a member of the advisory committee for the 1st Global Conference on Transparency Research and served as moderator for a panel titled “Complex Challenges of Transparency: Privacy, Security and Institutional Constraints.” The law school was the primary sponsor of the conference. (May 19 –20)

Dean John J. Farmer, Jr. and Vice Dean Ronald Chen participated in panel presentations at the New Jersey State Bar Association annual meeting – Dean Farmer on the panel “A Question of Individual Rights: What has society gained or lost since Sept. 11?” and Dean Chen on the panel “Diverse Trailblazers in the Legal Profession.” (May 19)

Professor Jon Dubin, Associate Dean for Clinical Education, presented on “Developments and Trends in Social Security Case Law in the Circuits and Supreme Court 2010-2011” at the National Spring Conference on Social Security Disability Law of the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives, held in Baltimore. (May 13)

Professor Jonathan Hyman presented “Mediation and the New Psychology: Where Do We Go From Here?” at the Justice Marie M. Garibaldi American Inn of Court, held in Basking Ridge. (May 11)

Vice Dean Ronald Chen spoke at “The Newest New Jerseyans” symposium held at the Newark Museum. (May 11)

Professor Stuart Green presented “Community Perceptions of White-Collar Crime Culpability” (with Matthew Kugler) at the Adjudicating the Guilty Mind symposium held at Duke Law School. (May 10)

Clinical Professor Jennifer Rosen Valverde presented on “Special Education, Early Intervention, and Cross-Systems Educational Advocacy” at the 2011 Children in the Court Summit in Princeton. (May 2)

Clinical Professor Randi Mandelbaum and Nana Wilson, Clinical Law Fellow, presented on “Successful Aging Out” at the 2011 Children in Court Summit in Princeton. (May 2)

The book Climate Change Policy Failures: Why Conventional Mitigation Approaches Cannot Succeed by Professor Howard Latin will be published later this year by World Scientific. 
APRIL 2011

Assistant Professor Brandon Paradise presented his article “Militant Covering” at the University of Hong Kong’s conference on Recognition and the Politics of Identity and Inclusion in the 21st Century: Managing Diversity in Plural Societies. (April 29)

Clinical Professor Randi Mandelbaum was the keynote speaker at the Youth Development Forum at the Bloustein School of Plannning and Public Policy. (April 29)

Professor Carlos Ball presented a college-wide lecture at Dickinson College titled “Same-Sex Marriage and the Future of Civil Rights” (April 28)

Assistant Professor Chrystin Ondersma presented “Undocumented Debtors” at the Rutgers–Newark Chancellor’s Annual Research Day. (April 21)

Professor Stuart Green was a respondent at the University of Minnesota Law School conference on “Human Dignity and the Criminal Law.” (April 15)

“The ‘Reshapement’ of the False Negative Asymmetry in Toxic Tort Causation,” Associate Professor Steve Gold’s forthcoming article in the William Mitchell Law Review, was listed in the HealthLawProf blog as “Worth Reading This Week.” (April 8)

Reference Librarian Dennis Kim-Prieto spoke on “Researching Immigration Law” at the 16th Annual Bridge the Gap Legal Research Program sponsored by the Law Library Association of Greater New York. (April 8)

Adjunct Professor Abed Awad was a member of the Women and Islam panel at West Point’s Gender Equity Conference. (April 7)

Philosophical Foundations of Criminal Law, co-edited by Professor Stuart Green with R.A. Duff, has been published by Oxford University Press.

MARCH 2011

Associate Professor Suzanne A. Kim presented her paper “The Neutered Parent” at Cardozo Law School as part of the Family Law Scholars of Greater New York Workshop. (March 31)

Professor Carlos Ball presented “Rendering Children Illegitimate in Former Partner Parenting Cases: Hiding Behind the Facade of Certainty” at the conference “The New ‘Illegitimacy’: Revisiting Why Parentage Should Not Depend on Marriage,” held at American University’s Washington College of Law. (March 26) 

Adjunct Professor Abed Awad delivered a lecture titled “Sharia, American Muslims and the Constitution” at Murray State University in Kentucky. (March 25)

Professor James Pope delivered the annual Alan Dawley Memorial Lecture at the College of New Jersey. His topic was “The Supreme Court and Social Justice From the Colonial Era to the Present.” (March 23)

Vice Dean Ronald was a panelist for “Newark’s Chinatown: The Mulberry Street Neighborhood,” a program sponsored by the Newark Historical Society and the Organization of Chinese Americans–NJ Chapter. (March 21)

Professor James Pope participated in a “Constitutional Law Schmooze” on the 13th Amendment at the University of Maryland School of Law. (February 25 and 26) He delivered a talk on “Law and the Making of the American ‘White Working Class’” at the Cornell Law Faculty Colloquium. (February 24) 

Professor Paul Tractenberg spoke at the annual school law program of ICLE and the New Jersey State Bar (February 24); taught a class in the Civil Rights course taught by Columbia Law professor Jack Greenberg, co-counsel in Brown v. Board of Education (February 23); and taught a graduate class at NJIT as part of an urban issues course in the joint Rutgers–Newark/NJIT urban systems Ph.D. program (February 16).

Professor Karima Bennoune reported on her recent trip to North Africa as a panelist for the New School’s program “Arab Democracy Uprisings: Causes, Prospects and Consequences.” (February 24)

Assistant Professor Christina Ho was a panelist for “Public Participation: Toward a Responsive Health System” at the conference on Civil Society and Legal Activism in China: The Public Health Challenge. The conference was sponsored by Fordham Law School’s Leitner Center for International Law and Justice. (February 24)

Clinical Professor Jennifer Rosen Valverde was a panelist on “Integrating Educational Advocacy Into Child Welfare Practice” at the American University College of Law conference Keeping the Needs of Students With Disabilities on the Agenda: Current Issues in Special Education Advocacy. (February 15)

Vice Dean Ronald Chen was a panelist for “Eminent Domain: Jurisprudence in New York” at the Fordham Urban Law Journal program Taking New York: The Opportunities, Challenges, and Dangers Posed by the Use of Eminent Domain in New York. (February 11)

Adjunct Professor Abed Awad is the co-author of “Iflas and Chapter 11: Classical Islamic Law and Modern Bankruptcy” in the latest issue of the ABA’s International Lawyer. Awad believes that the article is the first study published in English of the Islamic law of bankruptcy. (February)

Professor Vera Bergelson’s “A Fair Punishment for Humbert Humbert: Strict Liability and Affirmative Defenses” is one of SSRN’s Top Ten downloaded papers for LSN: Criminal Law (Sexuality) (Topic) for the period 12/9/10 to 2/7/11.

Professor John Leubsdorf spoke at the session “Envisioning and Signifying Justice” at the colloquium Courts: Representing and Contesting Ideologies of the Public Spheres, held at Yale University’s Whitney Humanities Center. (February 4)

The Association of American Publishers has named Emeritus Professor Norman Cantor’s book After We Die: The Life and Times of the Human Cadaver one of two runners up for a PROSE Award, which recognizes professional and scholarly excellence, in the field of Law & Legal Studies. (February 3)

Dean John J. Farmer, Jr. and Assistant Professor Adil Haque spoke at the Rutgers Law Review conference “9/11 and the Law, Ten Years After.” (February 3 and 4)

“What Should Count as ‘Property’ in Theft Law?” was the title of Professor Stuart Green’s presentation at a Florida State University Law School faculty workshop and the New York Area Criminal Law Theory Colloquium, held at NYU Law School. (February)

Associate Professor Suzanne Kim’s article “Skeptical Marriage Equality” has been published in the Harvard Journal of Law and Gender. The article was a winner of the AALS Women in Legal Education Section’s New Voices in Gender Studies paper competition.

The Fair Housing Center acknowledged the important work of the Law Library in creating the Affordable Housing Archive. Associate Dean Carol Roehrenbeck notes that library faculty Paul Axel-Lute, Susan Lyons, and Wei Fang, 2L Jeff Helman and University Professor Peter Simmons have been particularly instrumental in the Mt. Laurel archive program. 
Emeritus Professor Saul Mendlovitz hosted a World Order Models Project workshop at the law school during which well-known scholars such as Dr. Ali Mazrui of the Institute for Global Cultural Studies at Binghamton University and Dr. Richard Falk, Professor Emeritus of International Law and Practice at Princeton University, served as panelists. Mendlovitz is director of WOMP. (January 29)

Professor Alan Hyde participated on a panel titled “Pyett and Its Implications: A Panel Discussion” sponsored by the Northeastern Employment and Labor Law Association and held at Northeastern University School of Law. (January 25)

Thanks to the efforts of Wei Fang, Head of Digital Services, and Susan Lyons, Reference and Government Documents Librarian, the library has been awarded a grant by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. The award will be used to expand the library’s housing law and policy digital archive.

Clinical Professor John Kettle has been appointed to the newly-created Law School Advisory Board of the Association of Media and Entertainment Counsel. The association has created a new Law School Section to promote interest in and advance the education of entertainment, media and sports law.

“Law Student Information Literacy Standards” was the topic discussed by Reference Librarian Dennis Kim-Prieto at the Association of American Law Schools’ Annual Meeting. The presentation was part of a call for papers program titled “Legal Research and Information Literacy: The Intersection of Intellectual and Practical Skills.” (January 8)

Professor Vera Bergelson presented “The Meaning of the Choice of Evils” as a panelist at the Section on Jurisprudence at the Association of American Law Schools’ Annual Meeting. (January 7)

Associate Professor Suzanne Kim presented her paper “Toward Skeptical Marriage Equality,” forthcoming in the Harvard Journal of Gender and the Law, at the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Law Schools. Kim’s paper was a winner of the AALS Women in Legal Education Section’s New Voices in Gender Studies Paper Competition. (January 8)

Adjunct Professor George Kenny ’59 is co-author of the recently released 3rd edition of New Jersey Insurance Law, which is regarded as the standard insurance text for New Jersey lawyers. Kenny is a partner in Connell Foley LLP.