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Legal Professionals’ Outreach Partnership

Traditionally, Street Law has been implemented as an educational program designed to complement and expand upon the basic curricula offered to students in public schools. Driven by the generosity and hard work of the Rutgers’ community and other public and private benefactors, Street Law’s programs have grown in both size and number to include more diverse opportunities for the Newark community. Street Law’s most recent endeavors, including the Summer Enrichment Law Academy (SELA) and the Scholars Program, provide a means of reaching an even greater number of youth, in a more personalized and meaningful way.

With the addition of each new program, the need for volunteers and resources increases dramatically. Through the Legal Professionals’ Outreach Program (LPOP), local members of the profession can become a part of the Street Law–Newark community on their own terms and armed with nothing more than their existing knowledge and experience.

Participating firms and attorneys are offered an amazing and unique opportunity to reach out to the surrounding community by donating time and/or resources on an as-needed basis. The greatest benefit to participating through LPOP is that there is no commitment – each attorney chooses how his or her strengths can best serve the community, and when and how often to participate. LPOP is aimed at providing flexibility for busy, practicing professionals who would otherwise have to forgo the rewarding and enriching experience of pro bono activities.

Various opportunities are available to firms and attorneys through LPOP. Volunteers can instruct a class in any one of our several schools or youth organizations throughout the City, become a mentor to one of our students, participate in mock trial events, chaperone a field trip or host an event through their office. Of course, volunteers are not limited to choosing only one class or event, but can participate as much as desired.

Thanks to the efforts of participating professionals, our students and the community are greatly benefited. To learn more about becoming a member of LPOP, please contact the Street Law Office or our law firm liaison, Leah E. Capece, Esq., Class of 2008.

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