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Law Student Testimonials

Following are some law students’ descriptions of their Street Law experience:

“I have been . . . instructing juvenile offenders at the Essex/Passaic County Detention Center about pertinent aspects of the law and legal system. This experience has proven to be eye-opening as I have witnessed first hand the effects of incarceration on a young person’s psyche. Nevertheless, it has also proven to be extremely fulfilling, especially when adolescents begin to turn the other corner and give serious thought to their future.”
Dante Simone, Class of 2010

“My knowledge of criminal law was sharpened by teaching the Street Law class. In addition, there were some local laws that I was made aware of that I did not learn about in my coursework.”
Janita Obie, Class of 2011

“I had the pleasure of teaching three different classes: young children, high school children, and girls living in a group home. My group home girls were the most challenging because they felt that the law had failed them. I was very happy to assist them in understanding their rights and preparing them for a life outside the group home.”
Kimberly Graison, Class of 2008

“Overall the experience gave me a first-hand account of what kind of challenges urban public schools face.”
Khushbu Patel, Class of 2010

“This program has helped me give back to the community and I am proud that I am part of a school that encourages this type of giving back.”
Tim Kozicki, Class of 2011

“Street Law is in keeping with Rutgers–Newark’s tradition of public service in the most real way: going directly to the people who need to know that the law can work on their side.”
Kimberly Collins, Class of 2011

“I feel that I have positively impacted the lives of my students as well as help build a bridge between the greater legal community and the Newark community. I have taught students how to use the law to their advantage, develop their analytical skills by developing legal arguments, and the importance of being engaged in their community.”
Tamekia Hosang, Class of 2010