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Rutgers Law in the News

Professor Stuart Green does a Question and Answer session about his decision to ban laptops from his classroom (NJ.COM 7/27/2016)

Professor Randi Mandelbaum discusses the hardships facing child migrants in New Jersey. (NJ.Spotlight 7/26/2016)

Professor Esther Canty-Barnes talks about what happens when students of color are disproportionately punished, starting in preschool. (The Conversation 7/19/2016)

Former Dean John J. Farmer Jr. is part of a team at Rutgers who is helping to stop terrorism around the world. (PHILLY.COM 7/17/2017)

Prof. Paul Tractenberg comments on Gov. Chris Christie's funding formula for New Jersey's schools and explains why it won't work. (NJSPOTLIGHT.COM 7/11/2016)

Prof. Stuart Green explains why he's decided to ban laptops from his courses starting this fall. (Wall Street Journal 7/10/2016) 

Prof. Steve Gold talks about a Supreme Court ruling regarding corporate liability for toxic substances found on workers' clothing. (bna.com 7/8/2016)

Prof. Carlos Ball discusses what's next for LGBT rights now that gay marriage is legal and announces his new book "After Marriage Equality: The Future of LGBT Rights." (WNYC.ORG 6/29/2016)

Co-Dean Ronald Chen is credited for his work with the ACLU to get the children of undocumented residents in New Jersey, access to financial aid. (money.cnn.com 6/29/2016)

Prof. Alan Hyde discusses whether a former Donald Trump staffer can criticize the presidential nominee in his new job at CNN. (Washingtonpost.com 6/25/2016)

Prof. Penny Venetis and a number of Rutgers Law alumni are recognized by the New Jersey Law Journal. (6/20/2016)

Prof. David Dante Troutt remembers Muhammed Ali as a "prizefighter for peace." (Rawstory.com  6/10/2016)

Prof. Paul Tractenberg compares the situation in Kansas' public schools to the public school education funding issues in New Jersey. (Kansascity.com 6/8/2016)

Prof. Laura Cohen explains why it is important for juveniles to have access to an attorney in this article about a proposed state law in Delaware to provide youths public defenders. (Delawareonline 5/16/2016)

Prof. George Thomas and Louis Raveson discuss why it's possible for a jury to convict a woman on charges of murder with circumstantial evidence in the state's biggest murder trial. (NJ.com 5/16/2016)

Prof. Randi Mandelbaum talks about how the Rutgers Law Child Migrant Clinic is helping unaccompanied minors who come to the U.S. from Central America. (NJSpotlight 5/6/2016)

Prof. Louis Raveson examins the impact a police officer's racial slurs will have on a defendant in the Millburn nanny-cam case. (NJ.com 5/1/2016)

Dean Ronald Chen talks about President Obama's executive order on immigration and the states fighting it. (NJTV 4/18/16)

Prof. Carlos Ball discusses the parenting rights of a non-married parent based on a Massechusetts lawsuit. (Pacific Standard Magazine 4/8/2016)

Prof. Gary Francione talks about a more humane future for animals in this article discussing SeaWorld and the captivity of killer whales. (Daily Star Albany 4/4/2016)

Prof. George Thomas discusses the difficulty of trying cold cases in reference to the murder case against Michelle Lodzinski. (NJ.com 3/20/2016)

Prof. Anjum Gupta speaks on a panel to students at Bronxville High School about the plight of Syrian refugees. (My hometown 2/11/2016)

Prof. Jack Feinstein discusses whether two brothers who ran a travel company that went belly up violated their agreement with the state in this consumer column (NJ.Com 2/8/2016)

Prof. John Leubsdorf talks to RNN TV about attorney ethics based on a paper he wrote for Global Witness that explored the actions of some New York attorneys who were asked to move money out of the country during an undercover "sting" operation. (RNN 2/3/2016)

Prof. Cynthia Blum explains why it is sometimes difficult to prosecute tax scofflaws. (NJ.com 1/31/2016)

Professors David Troutt and Elise Boddie about the role and responsibility of higher education in fulfilling the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (The Conversation 1/ 18/2016)

Prof. Frank Askin explains how his FBI file came in handy when he needed to find out some information in this Opionion article that wishes J. Edgar Hoover a Happy Birthday. (Washington Post 12/31/2015)

Prof. Bernard Bell reacts to U.S. Supreme Court decision that upholds assault weapons ban in New Jersey. (NJ.com 12/7/2015)

Prof. Alan Hyde weighs in on Gov. Chris Christie's announcement that he will not allow Syrian refugees into New Jersey. (Politico.com 11/16/2)016

Professor Alan Hyde weighs in on companies requiring employees to get flu shots. (NJ.com 11/5/2016)

Professor David Noll warns Rutgers students that some social media platforms may not be as anonymous as users think. (Daily Targum 10/6/15)

Professor Christina Ho weighs in on criminal vs. civil burden of proof for story about nurse who re-used syringes while giving out flu shots. (NJ.Com 10/9/15)

Co-Dean Ronald K. Chen reminds that you can get a new diploma from the recently-merged law schools. (Philly.com 10/2/15)

Rutgers Law School Associate Dean Andrew Rothman talks about Rutgers Law Associates, a program that helps recent law school graduates transition into the working world. (mycentraljersey.com 9/22/15)

Rutgers Law School Adjunct Prof. Barry Evenchick weighs in on state statutes vs.municipal laws regarding a proposed interstate oil pipeline. (NorthJersey.com 9/13/15)

Associate Dean Andrew Rothman gave students a walking tour of Newark that included lessons in local history (Newarkinc.com, 9/2/15)

Associate Dean Andrew Rossner was quoted on the usefulness of grand juries in cases of shootings by the police. (Bergen Record, 8/15/15)

Professor Stuart Green was interviewed on the subject of sexual misconduct by teachers. (Morning Wave in Busan, South Korea, 8/12/15 - interview begins 55:20 into the program) 

Professor Carlos Ball was quoted in a lengthy editorial on the debate over the use of public restrooms by transgender individuals. (New York Times7/27/15)

A town’s proposed ban on saggy pants is “probably void for vagueness,” said Professor Frank Askin. (nj.com, 6/23/15)

Professor Stuart Green commented on an appeal hearing before the NFL commissioner in which New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady testified under oath about the “deflategate” controversy. (Wall Street Journal, 6/23/15)

Writing about the California Labor Commission ruling on the employment status of Uber drivers, Professor Alan Hyde recommended the creation of a “dependent contractors” category to clarify the still-murky status of such workers. (Fortune, 6/22/15

Clinical Professor Jack Feinstein, Director of the Civil Justice Clinic, was interviewed about a lawsuit by a home buyer who was not told by the seller of threatening letters by a possible stalker of the house. (Star-Ledger, 6/19/15)

Professor George Thomas wrote a letter to the editor disagreeing with the op-ed “Stop Revering the Magna Carta.” (New York Times, 6/16/15)

In an op-ed, Professor Frank Askin wrote: “It’s time for our straight-talking governor to come out and admit that, when it comes to voter fraud, he has no idea what he’s talking about.” (Star-Ledger, 6/15/15)

Associate Dean Andrew Rothman was interviewed about the Rutgers Law Associates program for an article titled “Law schools fund firms to train recent graduates.” (Associated Press, 6/14/15)

In an op-ed co-authored by the ACLU-NJ’s Alexander Shalom, Clinical Professor Laura Cohen wrote: “There is no silver lining to Browder’s death. But we are poised at a unique moment in New Jersey, with the opportunity to bring about meaningful change to the state’s laws governing isolation and juvenile justice. (Star-Ledger, 6/13/15)

Professor David Troutt commented on the growing diversity of suburbs like McKinney, Texas, and the fact that they represent “sites of opportunity for many more Americans.” (Christian Science Monitor, 6/9/15)

“The rule is not so broad that anything that’s related to a revelation that occurred in the grand jury is not disclosable,” said Professor Stuart Green of Gov. Christie’s disclosure of grand jury information. (Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/9/15)

Interviewed about U.S. District Judge Raymond Dearie, who is presiding over the FIFA corruption cases, his former law clerk Professor Steve Gold said: “Nothing about the FIFA case is likely to daunt him, given some of the cases he’s already dealt with.” (New York Times, 6/6/15)

Professor Stuart Green and Professor George Thomas were quoted about the lack of much physical evidence and incriminating statements made by a woman charged with killing her fiance on a kayak trip. (New York Times, 5/29/15)

Of the New Jersey legislative proposal to more clearly define who does or doesn’t qualify for a religious exemption from mandatory vaccinations for children, Professor Frank Askin said: “It gets tricky when they try to make people explain their religious exemption and some school official has to make a determination about whether there’s a sincerely held religious belief.” (njspotlight.com, 5/20/15)

“Europeans have to adopt the ‘see something, say something’ policy, like in the U.S.,” said Professor John J. Farmer, Jr., speaking at the American Jewish Committee’s “A Defining Moment for Europe” conference, which took place in Brussels. (thejc.com, 5/7/15)

Professor Stuart Green commented on the use of the federal fraud statute in charges brought against Bridgegate figures Bill Baroni and Bridget Kelly (Wall Street Journal, 5/3/14) and in the Record (5/2/15): “What they were alleged to have done – it’s nasty, and petty, and tacky – but it’s not so clear that it violates federal law.”

“He’s going to be crucified on the witness stand,” said Professor Frank Askin of David Wildstein, a cooperating informant in the Bridgegate investigation. (Record, 5/2/15)

Interviewed about possible charges against former Port Authority chairman David Samson related to his dealings with United Airlines, Acting Dean Ronald Chen said: “Prosecutors would have to show he got something that was not appropriate for him to receive.” (Bloomberg.com, 4/28/15)

Professor Vera Bergelson explained why a groping incident may not meet the definition of “sexual contact” under state statutes. (Jersey Journal, 4/14/15)

Professor Paul Tractenberg was interviewed for an article on the 20-year history of the State’s takeover of the Newark Public Schools. (Star-Ledger, 4/13/15)

Manuel Vazquez Seijido from CENESEX was the keynote speaker at the April 10 conference “The Global Struggle for LGBTQ Rights: Legal, Political and Social Dimensions.” (Washington Blade, 4/11/15)

Acting Dean Ronald Chen sees shift by New Jersey Supreme Court to a “pro-development” reading of the law in 62-64 Main Street, L.L.C. decision. (Record, 3/24/15)

Explaining aspects of New Jersey’s settlement with Exxon Mobil over the company’s pollution of two refinery sites, Professor Steve Gold said: "Getting the oil out, that's remediation. Bringing the beach and the bird population back to where they were before the birds were killed, that’s restoration. (Star-Ledger, 3/22/15)

Speaking of the suggestion that voting be made mandatory, Professor Frank Askin said: “I don’t think you can do it in this country because I don’t think the First Amendment would permit it.” (FoxNews.com, 3/20/15)

Professor Stuart Green commented on the corrupt behavior of some of the state’s school superintendents. (Asbury Park Press, 3/17/15) 

Professor George Thomas was interviewed about the admissibility of Robert Durst’s “killed them all” statement on HBO’s The Jinx. (BBC News, 3/16/15)

Commenting on possible civil action against those who posted vulgar tweets about former pitcher Curt Schilling’s daughter, Professor Bernard Bell said that there is a “First Amendment problem to deal with because it is speech and even as insensitive as it is I’m not sure it’s clearly unprotected speech.” Star-Ledger, 3/10/15)

Vice Dean Reid Weisbord explained that because of the terms of the will that granted Sweet Briar College the land on which it is built, it is very unlikely that the college will receive court approval to sell the land. (Business Insider, 3/9/15)

Professor John Leubsdorf discussed the factors that likely would have gone into the judge’s decision about approving fees in the Exxon pollution case. (New York Times, 3/9/15)

“It’s really got to be a true threat, where there’s some likelihood that the person is going to carry this out,” said Professor Bernard Bell of vulgar tweets made about former major league pitcher Curt Schilling’s daughter. (Asbury Park Press, 3/3/15) Bell’s comments were later cited in an Asbury Park Press editorial on free speech and social media.

The new contract negotiated by the Teamsters for Facebook shuttle bus drivers should raise the union’s standing in the upcoming vote to unionize drivers at other Silicon Valley companies, said Professor Alan Hyde. (USA Today, 2/21/15)

Professor Gary Francione, in a discussion about disturbing practices at the U.S. Meat Animal Reserarch Center, explains the animal abolition approach to animal rights and why there is no humane way to slaughter animals. (Breaking the Set, 2/6/16)

“Is this a true threat or abhorrent speech?” said Professor Bernard Bell in explaining why obtaining a conviction in a case involving anti-Semitic postings on social media would be difficult. (USA Today, 2/6/15)

Acting Dean Ronald Chen was interviewed for a piece about an Atlantic City resident who is fighting an attempt by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority to take his house by eminent domain. (NJTV, 2/3/15)

Adjunct Professor Abed Awad commented on Muslims’ objections to visual images of Muhammad and other prophets. (New York Times, 1/14/15)

The first of a two-part broadcast titled “Consent to Harm” included interviews with Professor Vera Bergelson. (CBC Radio-Canada, 1/13 — part 2 will air 2/26/15)

“Maybe those old organizations, like unions, will turn out to be what workers in the new economy want,” said Professor Alan Hyde for a story on the growing support by Silicon Valley service workers for unions. (USA Today, 1/13/15)

Professor Gary Francione discussed the fundamental difference between animal welfare and animal rights with journalist Chris Hedges. (truthdig.com, 1/4/15)