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Professor Stuart Green will deliver the Hugo Adam Bedau Memorial Lecture in the Department of Philosophy at Tufts University. His title is “What Are the Sexual Offenses?” (March 6) He will present “Tax Evasion as Crime” at the 3rd Annual Bentham House Conference at University College London. (May 9)



Faculty Activities


Associate Professor Taja-Nia Henderson discussed her research on the 14th Amendment, former Confederates, and the right to hold public office in a lecture aired on C-Span’s “American History TV.” (Feb. 21)

Profesor David Troutt was a panelist for “Badges, Guns and Trusts: Exploring the Crisis of Police Brutality,” held at Seton Hall Law School. (Feb. 12)

The book Gay Rights and the First Amendment: A Contentious History by Professor Carlos Ball has been accepted for publication by Harvard University Press.


Professor Vera Bergelson, author of Victims’ Rights, Victims’ Wrongs, was a guest on Canadian Public Radio’s two-part show on the moral and legal issues involved with consent to harm. (Jan. 14 and Feb. 26)


Associate Professor Elise Boddie was elected to the national board of the American Constitution Society. Boddie will participate on a panel titled “Brown v. Board of Education, 60 Years Later: Does Brown Matter? What Difference Did It Make” at the Roosevelt House, the public policy institute of Hunter College, New York. (Dec. 10)

Professor Vera Bergelson presented “Victimless Crimes: Public or Private Wrongs” as a panelist at the Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand conference “Public and/or Private Lives,” held at the TC Beirne School of Law, University of Queensland, Australia. (Dec. 3)

Associate Professor Anju Gupta, Director of the Immigrant Rights Clinic, has been re-elected to a second term on the national board of the Clinical Legal Education Association.

Associate Professor Ji Li presented his works in progress at Hong Kong University School of Law and Chinese University of Hong Kong Law School. In January he will present at a conference hosted by the National Singapore University School of Law.


Professor Frank Askin delivered his annual lecture on “Constitutional Developments” at the annual conference of Legal Services of New Jersey, held in Monroe Township. (Nov. 25)

Professor James Pope presented “Snubbed Landmark: Why United States v. Cruikshank Belongs at the Heart of the American Constitutional Canon” at the University of Chicago Public Law Workship. (Nov. 11)

Associate Professor Taja-Nia Henderson presented “Slavery in Virginia’s Antebellum Jails” at the Southern Historical Association annual meeting in Atlanta. (Nov. 15) She presented “Slaving in the Antebellum Jail” at Harvard University’s Scope of Slavery: Enduring Georgraphics of American Bondage conference. (Nov. 7)

Associate Professor Christina Ho delivered a paper titled “Budgeting on Autopilot: Do Congressional Precommitments Lock-in Status Quo Majorities?” at the III International Seminar on Institutional Theory: Institutional Capacity and Deliberation, held at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. (Nov. 7)

As a panelist for “Sixth Amendment Issues,” Assistant Professor David Noll presented “Constitutional Evasion and the Confrontation Puzzle” at Loyola–Chicago School of Law’s Fifth Annual Constitutional Law Colloquium. He presented “Contract Procedure, Regulatory Breakdown” as a panelist for the “Alternatives to the Consumer Class Action” panel, moderated by University of Michigan Law School professor Michael Barr, at the NYU School of Law conference on The Future of Class Action Litigation. (Nov. 7)

Assistant Professor Jorge Contesse presented “SRR Lawfare in the Inter-American Human Rights System” at Harvard University’s conference on International Sexual and Reproductive Rights Lawfare. (Nov. 6)

Clinical Professor Jack Feinstein, Director of the Civil Justice Clinic, spoke on the subject of landlord-tenant law in New Jersey as part of a training for attorneys and students who will participate in the law school’s new New Jersey LGBTQ Pro Bono Legal Assistance Project. (Nov. 5) 

Assistant Professor Matteo Gatti co-wrote a post on the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation on “Creeping Acquisitions in Europe.” (Nov. 5)

Legal Analysis, Writing and Research Instructor Amy Bitterman was awarded a “Special Mention” for the 2015 Pushcart Prize for “Breeding Grounds,” which was published in the Chicago Quarterly Review.

Professor Jean-Marc Coicaud delivered three lectures in China during the month of November: “Improving International Law and Global Governance in the 21st Century” at Nanjing Normal University; “Some Thoughts on the Conceptual Mapping of Global Ethics” at Shanghai International Studies University; and “Reflections on the Individual, National and International Ethics of Victimhood and Responsibility” at Fudan University Center for American Studies.


Professor Jean-Marc Coicaud delivered a keynote lecture on “Governing with Technology: Authority and Legitimacy in the 21st Century” at the 8th International Conference on Theory and Practice of E-Governance, held in Guimarães, Portugal. (Oct. 30)

As a panelist at the Conference of Zealous Advocacy for Social Change, held at West Virginia University, Professor James Pope presented “Workers Rights in the United States: Past Experience and Future Prospects.” (Oct. 23)

Associate Professor Taja-Nia Henderson presented “Framing Treason: War, Reconciliation, and Memory in the Making of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution” at the New York Public Library. Henderson is a writer in residence in the library’s Wertheim Study. (Oct. 23)

Professor Cynthia Blum delivered “Migrants with Retirement Plans: The Challenge of Harmonizing Tax Rules” at a Conference on Taxation and Migration hosted by the American Tax Policy Institute in Washington, DC. (Oct. 17)

Professor Jean-Marc Coicaud presented “On Trust and Corruption” at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs Fourth Annual Global Ethics Fellows Conference in New York. (Oct. 16)

The article "Teaching the Carceral Crisis: An Ethical and Pedagogical Imperative” (2013) by Associate Professor Taja-Nia Henderson was featured in a select roundtable discussion at the Society of American Law Teachers conference, held at the University of Nevada–Las Vegas Boyd School of Law. (Oct. 11)

Professor Stuart Green presented “Lies, Rape, and Statutory Rape” at the Cornell Law School faculty workshop. (Oct. 10)

Professor Adil Haque was a panelist for a discussion on the appropriate use of military force, titled “When Should Nations Kill?” held at the University of Delaware and sponsored by the Department of Philosophy. (Oct. 8)

At the Rutgers School of Law–Camden faculty colloquium, Associate Professor Christina Ho delivered a paper titled “Budgeting on Autopilot: Do Congressional Precommitments Lock-in Status Quo Majorities?” (Oct. 6) 

Clinical Professor Jack Feinstein and Alan Chen ’13 advised a group of tenants of a rent-stabilized building in Irvington about how best to address heating problems and similar building issues and on the importance of organizing to get various officials to address their problems. (Oct. 1)

Professor Jean-Marc Coicaud presented a workshop in Berlin, Germany on “The Cultural Impact on Foreign Policymaking in a Multipolar World.” The workshop was hosted by the Centre on Asia and Globalisation of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore and the Robert Bosch Academy.


Professor Steve Gold presented “Drywall Mud and Muddy Doctrine” at the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law symposium on “Liability, Rights, and Remedies in Toxic Torts: Local, National and International Responses in the Age of Globalization.” The paper will be published in 2015 in the Indiana Law Review. (Sept. 23)

Assistant Professor Yuliya Guseva presented “KGB’s Legacy: Transplanting Efficient Infrastructure without Efficiency” at the 30th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Law and Economics, held at Aix-Marseille Université. (Sept. 18-20)

Associate Professor Taja-Nia Henderson was invited to teach “Introduction to American Property Law” to students at Beijing Jiaotong University Law School in Beijing, China. (Sept. 13-20)

Associate Professor Anju Gupta presented “Forced Migration: Contemporary Issues Faced by Refugees and Asylum Seekers” at the Hoboken Historical Museum. The lecture is part of the museum’s new exhibit, “Hoboken, Ellis Island, and the Immigrant Experience.” (Sept. 14)

Clinical Professor Jack Feinstein and Victor Monterossa ’14 led one of the panels at the “Tenants Rights Conference” hosted by the HUD Tenants Coalition and held at the law school. Feinstein spoke about tenants’ right to repairs (the warranty of habitability) and the practical ways to get them made. (Sept. 13)

Professor Suzanne Kim has been invited to be a contributing writer for The SAGE Encyclopedia for LGBTQ Studies (ed., Abbie E. Goldberg). Kim is a sabbatical visitor at Columbia Law School’s Center for Gender and Sexuality Law during the Fall 2014 semester.


Professor Stuart Green presented “Lies, Rape, and Statutory Rape” at the Conference on “Law and Lies” held at the University of Alabama School of Law. (Aug. 29)

Professor Carlos Ball presented his paper “The Search for Heightened Scrutiny in LGBT Rights Cases” at the National LGBT Bar Association 2014 Lavender Law Conference (Aug. 22) and at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association. (Aug. 28-31)

JULY 2014

Professor Jean-Marc Coicaud delivered a lecture at the Institutum Iurisprudentiae, Academia Sinica in Taipei, Taiwan titled “Contemporary Questions of Legal and Political Legitimacy: From the National and the International to the Global.” (July 15)

Reference Librarian Dennis Kim-Prieto presented his article “Three Faces of Information Literacy in Legal Studies: Research Instruction in the American Common Law, British Common Law, and Turkish Civil Traditions” at the Sixth Annual Boulder Conference on Legal Information, held in San Antonio. (July 10-12)

Assistant Professor Jorge Contesse presented “The final word? Control of conventionality, constitutional dialogue and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights” at the Third Annual Junior Faculty Forum for International Law, held at the University of Melbourne School of Law. (July 8)

Professor Steve Gold is the author of “A Legal Beagle’s Voyage” in JOTWELL (The Journal of Things We Like (Lots)), reviewing Nicholas A. Robinson, “Evolved Norms: A Canon for the Anthropocene” in Rule of Law for Nature 46-71 (Christina Voigt ed., 2014)

JUNE 2014

Associate Professor Chrystin Ondersma presented her article “A Human Rights Framework for Debt Relief” at the National Business Law Scholars Conference, held at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles. (June 19)

Assistant Professor Yuliya Guseva presented “KGB’s Legacy: Transplanting Efficient Infrastructure without Efficiency” at the National Business Law Scholars Conference at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles. (June 19-20)

Two of Associate Professor Taja-Nia Henderson’s articles made SSRN “top 10” downloads in June: “The Ironic Promise of the Thirteenth Amendment for Offender Anti-Discrimination Law” (17 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 1141, 2013) and “Teaching the Carceral Crisis: An Ethical and Pedagogical Imperative” (12 MARGINS (Maryland L. J. of Race, Religion, Gender and Class 104, 2013)).

MAY 2014

Associate Dean John Joergensen spoke on a panel devoted to the transition of print resources to digital formats at the 2014 Legislative Data and Transparency Conference in Washington, D.C. The conference was hosted by the House Committee on Administration. (May 29)

The article “A Human Rights Framework for Debt Relief,” forthcoming in the University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law, was presented by Associate Professor Chrystin Ondersma at the annual meeting of the Law and Society Association, held in Minneapolis. (May 29)

Professor Jean-Marc Coicaud was a panel speaker at Sciences Po CERI, Paris, France at Ethique des Relations Internationales conference (Ministère des Affaires Etrangères). His presentation was titled “Langue, justice et géopolitique.” (May 27)

Assistant Professor Yuliya Guseva presented “KGB’s Legacy: Transplanting Efficient Financial Infrastructures without Efficiency” at the International Law Association’s British Branch Spring Conference titled “Foundations and Futures of International Law,” which took place at King’s College, London. (May 23-24)

Assistant Professor Matteo Gatti and co-author Luca Enriques presented their paper “Creeping Acquisitions in Europe” at the International Takeover Regulators’ Conference, organized by the UK Takeover Panel and held in London. (May 23)

Assistant Professor Jorge Contesse participated in “Ethnicity.gov: Extractive Capitalism, Indigenous Peoples, and the Right to Prior Consultation in Social Minefields” at the University of Chicago. (May 21) He presented his paper “The last word? Constitutional dialogue with the Inter-American Court of Human Rights” at the University of Palermo in Buenos Aires. (May 8)

Associate Professor Taja-Nia Henderson presented her work-in-progress, “The Lost History of the Fourteenth Amendment’s Disqualification Clause,” at a Duke University School of Law colloquium. (May 15)

“Russian Securities Law: In the State of Flux” was the title of the paper delivered by Assistant Professor Yuliya Guseva at the Murphy Conference on Corporate Law, held at Fordham Law School. (May 13)

Professor David Troutt delivered a keynote address at the State of Workforce Diversity 2014 symposium sponsored by the Bloustein School’s Heldrich Center and did a reading and book signing at Watchung Booksellers. (May 1)

Professor Vera Bergelson spent six weeks during April and May as a visiting scholar at Melbourne University Law School.

APRIL 2014

Professor Stuart Green presented “What Should Count as Property in Theft Law” at the Hofstra University School of Law Intellectual Property Colloquium Series. (April 29) Green was a commentator at “The Future of Criminal Law?” conference held by the Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice, University of Minnesota (April 26)

Professor Gary Francione participated in “Design and Violence Debate: Debate III” at the Museum of Modern Art. (April 17)

At the University of Pennsylvania Professor David Troutt gave a talk about his new book The Price of Paradise: The Costs of Inequality and a Vision for a More Equitable America in an event co-sponsored by the Department of Sociology, Urban Studies Program, and Penn Law. (April 15)

“Public Perceptions of White Collar Crime Culpability” was presented by Professor Stuart Green for the Legal Studies Speaker Series, Business Ethics Department, at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. (April 13)

Professor Paul Tractenberg discussed the U.S. education reform agenda as a keynote speaker at a conference on comparative education reform processes that was held at Haifa University. (April 8)

Associate Dean Jon Dubin was a panelist for “Present and Future Issues Impacting State Law School Clinical Programs” at the University of Maryland School of Law conference titled Building Bridges to Practice: Celebrating 40 Years of the Clinical Law Program. Dubin discussed his article “The Rutgers Cases and the State of the Law of State Law School Clinical Programs” (65 Rutgers L. Rev. 817, 2013). (April 4)

Associate Dean John Joergensen, invited to present at the LegalIED Conference at American University Washington College of Law, delivered a TED-style talk on applying educational theory to law teaching. (April 4)

Assistant Professor Jorge Contesse spent the first week of April in Bogotá, Colombia, where he presented a paper on the Inter-American Court of Human Rights at the Universidad de los Andes School of Law and the human rights NGO, Dejusticia.

MARCH 2014

Associate Professor Elise Boddie presented her work-in-progress, “Schools Without Borders,” at the St. John’s Law School faculty colloquium. (March 31)

Professor Gary Francione spoke at three Canadian universities this month: on “Animals: Our Moral Contradictions” at  McMaster University in Hamilton (March 26) and Western University in London, Ontario (March 27), and on “Should Animals Have Rights?” at Brock University in St. Catharines (March 28).

“Law, Ethics and the Question of Time” was the title of the presentation delivered by Professor Jean-Marc Coicaud at the International Studies Association, Toronto Canada. (March 27) 

Professor Steve Gold presented “The Use of Genomic Research and Data in Toxic Tort Causation Claims” at HarrisMartin’s DNA and Molecular Evidence in Toxic Torts Conference, held in Charleston, SC. (March 26)

Associate Professor Taja-Nia Henderson has been awarded a Visiting Faculty Fellowship for six months at the DePaul Humanities Center, DePaul University. She also has received a Franklin Research Grant from the American Philosophical Society. Henderson presented her work-in-progress, “The Lost History of the Fourteenth Amendment’s disqualification Clause,” at the Temple University Beasley School of Law faculty colloquium. (March 26)

Professor Jean-Marc Coicaud spoke on “Droit international et théorie politique international: Comprendre le présent, revisiter le passé et offrir une vision pour le futur” at Sciences Po, Paris, France. (March 19)  

“KGB’s Legacy: Transplanting Efficient Financial Infrastructures without Efficiency” was the title of the paper presented by Assistant Professor Yuliya Guseva at the Arizona State University Legal Scholars Conference. (March 14-15)

Associate Dean John Joergensen gave a talk to the New Jersey Law Librarians Association on the “Developments in Online Research and the Ramifications for the Practice of Law.” (March 13)

Assistant Professor Jorge Contesse spoke at a panel on “Regional Perspectives on Human Rights” at Columbia Law School. (March 10)

Associate Professor Brandon Paradise participated on a panel titled “The Role of Legal Academia in the Pursuit of Justice” at Yale Law School’s annual Black Law Student Association alumni dinner. (March 8)

Clinical Professor Randi Mandelbaum presented “Re-Examining and Re-Defining Permanency from a Youth’s Perspective” at the 10th Annual Wells Conference on Adoption Law at Capital University Law School. The conference wa titled “We Are Not All the Same: Meeting Children’s Individual Needs Through Law, Policy, and Practice Reform.” (March 6)


Professor Jean-Marc Coicaud presented a lecture titled “United Nations Ambiguity Towards Democracy,” Lloyd Gardner Fellowship Program, Rutgers University. (Feb. 26)

Professor Stuart Green presented “What Are the Sexual Offenses?” at the New York Criminal Law Theory Workshop, held at New York University School of Law. (Feb. 25)

Vice Dean Reid Weisbord commented on presentations by Professor Adam Hirsch of the University of San Diego Law School and Professor Ronald Mann of Columbia Law School at the Vanderbilt Law Review symposium “The Role of Federal Law in Private Wealth Transfer.” (Feb. 21)

Professor Jean-Marc Coicaud delivered the keynote lecture for the 2014 Barbara L. and Norman C. Tanner Center for Non-Violent Human Rights Advocacy Annual International Conference on Human Rights, Conflict Resolution, Non-Violence, and Peace at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. His lecture was titled “Beyond the Culture of Fear and Insecurity: International Dialogue and Peace in the 21st Century.” (Feb. 19)

Professor Paul Tractenberg was one of two keynote speakers at a day-long conference on School-Family Relations convened by the Initiative for Applied Education Research of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities. The conference was held at Tel Aviv University. The title of his presentation was “Parents, Schools and the Community: What Is the Parental Role in Education, What Are Its Legal Sources and What Affects Its Implementation?” (Feb. 16)

Associate Professor Brandon Paradise presented “An Eastern Orthodox View of Love, Law and Martin Luther King, Jr.” at the Pepperdine University Law School conference on “Love & Law.” (Feb. 7)


Assistant Professor Fadi Shaheen presented “The GAAP Lock-Out Effect and the Investment Behavior of Multinational Firms” at the NYU Colloquium on Tax Policy and Public Finance. (Jan. 28)

Associate Professor Elise Boddie participated in a symposium at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, “Educational Equality and the Constitution in the 21st Century,” sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania’s Journal of Constitutional Law. (Jan. 24)

“What Are the Sexual Offenses?” was presented by Professor Stuart Green at the University of South Carolina School of Law faculty seminar. (Jan. 24)

At the ABA Section of Taxation midyear meeting, held in Phoenix, Clinical Professor Sandy Freund spoke on a Diversity Section panel on Tax Issues and Immigration. (Jan. 24) Freund will repeat the presentation for an ABA webinar and was asked to do the presentation for a Las Vegas Legal Services conference, both to be held in March.

Professor David Troutt was the moderator for two panels on the latest Mount Laurel legal developments and housing numbers at the annual conference of the New Jersey Chapter of the American Planning Association. (Jan. 23)

Professor Stuart Green was a panelist for the AALS Section on Criminal Justice “Guns, Drugs and Child Pornography” session at the AALS annual meeting, held in New York. (Jan. 5)

“Wills for Everyone: Helping Individuals Out of Intestacy” (53 B.C.L. Rev. 877, 2012) by Vice Dean Reid Weisbord is featured in Jotwell’s (Journal of Things We Like (Lots)) Trusts & Estates Section.