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Why Give to the MSP

“I give back to MSP because MSP gave so much to me — community, tutorials, camaraderie, orientation sessions. But most of all, the program believed in me when few other schools did. MSP saw me as a whole person, not a set of numbers, and gave me the chance to excel. I will always be grateful for that. Our support for MSP means future students can have that same chance.”

Kathleen M. Conkey ’91

Law Offices of Kathleen Conkey 

“We all like to believe that we understand diverse perspectives, but Rutgers Law, and the MSP particularly, opened my eyes to a much wider view of the world. Every day my appreciation grows for the MSP; for what it has done for me, for the Rutgers Law community, and for the global community. I support MSP and the Campaign because I believe it is incumbent on all of us to perpetuate the transformational opportunities we have benefited from; it is an investment in a critical attribute of Rutgers Law; and it helps sustain the continuing tradition of training lawyers who really do make a difference in all walks of life. We are the MSP family and we need your involvement more then ever. Please join us in supporting this important mission.”

Jeffrey D. Hsi ’97

Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP 

“The Minority Student Program (“MSP”) dared to believe that someone like me, who comes from a socio-economic disadvantaged background, could excel in the legal profession. Because of the resources the MSP devoted to me, and the grace of God, I have been afforded opportunities that once seemed like a dream. It is critical that we contribute to the MSP, financially or otherwise, to ensure that its doors remain open for future generations.”

José R. Almonte ’04

Assistant U.S. Attorney, District of New Jersey