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Edward H. Saltzman Fellowship Fund. Endowed fund established in honor of Edward H. Saltzman by his son, Michael I. Saltzman, and his family to support a student who will serve as a research assistant to a member of the faculty who teaches in one or more of the fields of criminal law, evidence, and trial practice. The student’s financial need; scholastic achievement; and evidence of personal responsibility, high moral character, and integrity are considered in awarding the fellowship.

Nathan N. Schildkraut Scholarship. This scholarship will be awrded annually to student(s) enrolled at the law school based on performance in the intramural competition conducted by the Moot Court Board related to Appellate Advocacy. Excellence in Appellate Advocacy will be paramount in designating the Nathan N. Schildkraut Scholars, but award amounts will be based on financial need.

Jacob (Jack) Schwartz Fellowship Fund. Established by friends and family of the late Jacob Schwartz to honor his memory by supporting research in the fields of utility regulation and administrative law. Students are assigned to work with a faculty member who has submitted a suitable research proposal.

Austin Scott Scholarship. Income from the estate of Martin S. Steelman, an alumnus of Rutgers College, provides a scholarship for a student at the law school and at Rutgers College, in memory of Austin Scott, a former head of the Rutgers College Department of Economics and a distinguished scholar.

Alexander & Ruth Seaman Scholarship. Established in 2008, this scholarship was created to provide support for law students. Awards are based on academic merit and financial need.

Charles Silverman Memorial Scholarship Fund. Established with a bequest from Charles Silverman to support law students in need of tuition assistance.

Marie Slocum Scholarship. Established in honor of the late wife of Professor Alfred A. Slocum and awarded to a first-year student participating in the Minority Student Program. Based upon academic achievement, financial need, and involvement with public interest/community concerns.

Judge Harvey Smith Memorial Scholarship.  Established in 2014 by his children, Lisa Smith and Louis Smith (class of 1993), and awarded to a full-time law student based on demonstrated academic merit and financial need.

A.J. Smaldone Memorial Fund. This fund was created in memory of A.J. Smaldone by her friends, family, the Class of 1977, and its 25th Reunion Committee. The fund is intended to support scholarships or other assistance for law students with disabilities or other significant challenges. It also supports a variety of other disability law initiatives and the A. J. Smaldone Terrace & Garden at the law school. Scholarships will be based on merit and/or need.

Honorable William F. Smith & Honorable James B. Smith Scholarship. Established in memory of Judge Smith in 1969, upon the first anniversary of his death, by his many friends. He was an alumnus, a law professor at the school, a federal district court judge, and a distinguished member of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. His son, James B. Smith, was an alumnus of the school (’67) who had a distinguished legal career, serving as a U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey and as a municipal court judge. 

David S. Solomon Scholarship Fund. Memorial fund created in 1996 by friends of David S. Solomon, a 1968 graduate of the law school. It is intended to support law students, who will be known as Solomon Scholars, with demonstrated financial need and an interest in pursuing a career in labor and employment law.

Jack Solomon Memorial Scholarship. Established in 1986 by a gift from Norma Solomon in memory of her husband, Jack Solomon, Class of 1941, who was a practicing attorney in Newark for 40 years. Awarded annually to a student with an established record of academic excellence, outstanding professional promise, and demonstrated financial need.

M. Marvin Soperstein Scholarship Fund. Established in 1984 by the friends and relatives of the late Judge M. Marvin Soperstein, Class of 1950. Income from this endowed fund provides assistance to students on the basis of need.

Donald R. Sorkow Scholarship Fund. Established in 1985 by his friends, family, and classmates, this endowed scholarship fund in memory of the late Donald R. Sorkow, Class of 1954, provides assistance to students on the basis of need.

Special Minority Students Scholarship Fund. Established in 1977 for students in the Minority Student Program who demonstrate financial need.

Charles J. Stamler Scholarship. Established in 1979, this scholarship is awarded to a senior law student in good academic standing who displays a humane sense of responsibility as evidenced by his or her scholarship or extracurricular activities.

Barbara A. Stempler Scholarship. Established in 2001 by her son, Richard, this endowed scholarship provides assistance to students enrolled at the School of Law–Newark. Awards are based on academic merit and demonstrated ability to overcome life obstacles.

Nancy B. Stiles Scholarship. Established in memory of Nancy B. Stiles, an alumna of the Class of 1982, by her family and friends. Awarded to female students at the law school who plan to enter the field of environmental law; selection criteria include academic merit and financial need.

Deborah Mallay Stoffer Memorial Scholarship. Established in 1960 by a bequest from David Stoffer, late member of the faculty of law, in memory of his daughter. The scholarship is awarded to a qualified student on the basis of need.

Nathaniel Sunshine Scholar. One student is designated every year as the recipient of the income from a fund donated by the friends of the late Mr. Sunshine, a graduate of the school, in his memory.

Judge Herbert H. Tate Sr. Scholarship. Established in 1989 by friends of Judge Tate to honor his achievements and memory as a distinguished graduate of the Class of 1935. He was the first African-American diplomat in Asia and the first African American to serve as assistant minority leader in the New Jersey Assembly. The award is provided to a student in the Minority Student Program based on outstanding achievement and financial need.

Menasha J. Tausner Memorial Prize. This award was established by friends and colleagues to celebrate the career of Dr. Tausner who was a gifted scientist and attorney and who spent many years serving in the New Jersey Department of the Public Advocate and in the Division of the Ratepayer Advocate. The prize is awarded to a full-time or part-time student who demonstrates a significant commitment to integrating a scientific, engineering, or technical background with his or her legal career. Interest in public service is also considered in the selection process.   

Saul Tischler Memorial Scholarship. Created to honor and perpetuate the memory of Saul Tischler, Standing Master of the New Jersey Supreme Court, an alumnus, and former member of the faculty of the law school. Awarded annually to one second- and third-year day and evening student in each class, this honor is based solely on the recipient’s outstanding academic performance. Each student is designated a Saul Tischler Scholar in honor of the Standing Master’s outstanding contributions to legal scholarship in New Jersey.

Martin B. Unger Scholarship. This annual scholarship was established by Martin B. Unger Esq. to provide financial assistance to students in the law school. It will be awarded to full-time law students based on academic merit and financial need.

Union Scholarship Fund. Established by the Union Foundation in 1995 to support students from Union County, New Jersey, who are participating in the Minority Student Program. Recipients will be known as Union Scholars.

Charles J. Walsh Scholar Fund. This fund was established by Sills Cummis Epstein & Gross P.C. on behalf of the family, friends, and colleagues of the late Judge Charles J. Walsh. It’s intended to honor the career and legacy of Judge Walsh and to provide assistance to students enrolled at Rutgers School of Law–Newark in the form of scholarship support, summer internship stipends, active mentorship during law school, and career guidance. Charles J. Walsh Scholars will be full-time law students selected on the basis of academic merit. Special consideration will be given to promising students who may remain in New Jersey to practice law.

Marsha Wenk Memorial Fund. Created in 1996 by family and friends in honor and memory of Marsha Wenk, a 1987 graduate of the law school and recipient of the Alumni Association’s 1995 Fannie Bear Besser Award in Public Service. It is intended to support students who are interested in a career in public interest and in performing public interest work during law school.

Whitman Family Scholarship. This scholarship was established in 2008 to provide support for students attending the School of Law–Newark. Awards will be given to full-time students based on academic potential and financial need. Preference will be given to students participating in the Minority Student Program.

Saul A. Wittes Scholarship Fund. Established with a bequest from Saul A. Wittes, a graduate of the Class of 1925, to provide support to students to be called Wittes Scholars.