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George S. Harris Scholarship. Established by the law alumni as a memorial to Dean Harris, who served as dean of the law school and its predecessor institutions for many years. This endowed scholarship provides for the annual designation of a George S. Harris Scholar.

C. Willard Heckel Scholarship. This scholarship was created in 2010 to honor C. Willard Heckel who served as dean of the law school from 1963-1970. The scholarship will be awarded to incoming, out-of-state students based on academic merit and financial need. Recipients must also demonstrate leadership qualities and a commitment to civic and/or community service. Scholarships may be renewed.

Harry W. Herzog Scholarship. This scholarship was established in memory of Harry W. Herzog, a 1942 alumnus of the law school. Mr. Herzog came from a poor background and was very interested in helping others get ahead. This scholarship will therefore be awarded to full-time or part-time students based on financial need. Preference will be given to students who live in Newark or the surrounding Newark area and have financial hardship.

William D. Hietanen and Robert Airgood Memorial Scholarship. Established by the evening class of 1984 in memory of their classmates William D. Hietanen and Robert Airgood, this scholarship assists an outstanding student in the evening program who is interested in practicing business law. It is awarded annually to a student who has completed the second year and is entering the third year of study. Outstanding academic work, especially in the basic courses of Contracts, Torts, Property, and Civil Procedure, and the intent to specialize in advanced business law are required. Financial need is the deciding criterion if candidates for the award are otherwise equally qualified.

Pearle F. and Seymour B. Jacobs Scholarship. Roger and Andrew Jacobs established this fund in 1980 in memory of their parents. Colleagues and friends of Seymour Jacobs, who was a graduate of the Newark law school and who practiced as a trial lawyer in Newark for more than 40 years, also contribute to the fund. Awarded annually, the scholarship is intended for students in the evening program who work while attending law school, are interested in a career in litigation and trial advocacy, and show evidence of financial need. This is the first scholarship designated specifically for evening students.

Kenneth S. Javerbaum Scholarship. This scholarship was created by Mr. Javerbaum in 2009 to support students attending the law school. One scholarship will be awarded to a full-time law student each year based on academic merit and financial need.

Arthur H. Kahn Scholarship. This scholarship was established in 2007 by his widow Dona Kahn ’57 to provide support for full-time students at the law school. Awards will be based on academic merit and financial need.

Sidney S. Kantrowitz Scholarship. Established in 1965 in memory of Mr. Kantrowitz, who, for many years, was an active member and officer of the Rutgers Alumni Association.

George A. Kaplan Memorial Scholarship. Established by the estate of Sallie R. Kaplan to provide scholarship support to a law student. It is awarded to a first-year, full-time student based on academic merit (must have graduated in the top 10 percent of his or her class) and need; eligible recipients must have submitted a FAFSA form by the required due date; recipients will be called George A. Kaplan Scholars.

Seth A. Kaplan Scholarship. This fund was created in memory of Seth Kaplan (’82) who was a partner in the law firm of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz and an adjunct professor at Rutgers School of Law–Newark. Scholarships are to be awarded to full-time law students based on academic merit. Awards are intended to retain top law students who intend to enter private practice upon graduation.

Leo Kaplowitz Criminal Law Scholarship. Awarded to students who have an interest in criminal law, who excel academically in criminal law courses, and who demonstrate financial need.

Kinoy-Stavis Public Interest Fellowship. Founded to encourage students who wish to use their legal skills for the protection of constitutional liberties, and to nurture the development of students with outstanding academic ability who wish to pursue a career in public interest. Named to honor Professors Emeriti Arthur Kinoy and Morton Stavis, who were cofounders of the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York City and who are recognized as two of the preeminent human rights lawyers of the 20th century.

Samuel A. Larner Scholarship. Established in 1989 by the firm of Budd Larner Gross Picillo Rosenbaum Greenberg & Sade to honor Judge Samuel A. Larner on his 80th birthday. Awarded annually to a student based on academic achievement and demonstrated financial need.

Aaron Lasser and Honorable Lawrence L. Lasser Scholarship. Established in 1970 by Aaron Lasser’s family and close friends in his memory. He was a professor, Alumni Association president, and leading member of the New Jersey Bar. It was renamed in 1997 to include his son Lawrence, who was the first Presiding Judge of the Tax Court of New Jersey and the first chair of the New Jersey Supreme Court Committee on the Tax Court.

Lawyers-Clinton Title Company. The Lawyers-Clinton Title Company has provided the endowment for an annual scholarship for a Rutgers–Newark law school student.

James J. Lembo Scholarship Fund. Established in memory of James J. Lembo, a deceased first-year law student, by his family, friends, and staff of the Union County Prosecutor’s Office to aid deserving law students.

Philip J. Levin Scholarship. Established by a grant from Janice H. Levin, in memory of her husband, an alumnus of the Class of 1929, who was a leading builder and financier. Awarded annually to students based upon academic potential and demonstrated potential capacity for public service through law.

Mark J.  Lopez Civil Liberties Scholarship. This scholarship was created in 2009 to provide financial assistance to students attending the law school. The scholarship will be awarded to second or third year full-time students enrolled in the Constitutional Litigation Clinic. Awards will be based on academic merit, financial need, demonstrated commitment to civil liberties, and outstanding promise for contributions to the legal profession.

Nicholas Martini Newark Law Research Fellowship. Established in 1994 by a bequest of Nicholas Martini, a 1926 graduate of the law school, to provide a stipend to a second- or third-year academically promising student who will serve as a research assistant to a faculty member.

Norman and Renate Mesnikoff Scholarship. Established to support students, to be called Mesnikoff Scholars, who are interested in pursuing careers in commercial and/or bankruptcy law. Preference will be given to disabled students; awards will be based on academic merit and financial need.

Leona and Harold Meyerson Scholarship. Established through the estate of the Meyersons, awards are made to full-time students, to be called Meyerson Scholars, based on merit.

Carol and Paul Miller Scholarship. Paul (’62) and Carol Miller have created this full-tuition, three-year scholarship in gratitude for the scholarships that made his education possible. The scholarship is awarded to an incoming student with significant financial need and strong academic potential. Miller was born to a poor family, and was the first in his family to attend college. He was able to attend Rutgers Law School only because he received a full scholarship. Miller rose to the top of his profession as executive vice president and general counsel of Pfizer Inc. He was among the key leaders responsible for the growth and success of Pfizer, and was named one of the 100 Most Influential Lawyers in America. He also is extremely active in community and legal affairs, and has been a board member or head of many national and international organizations.

Judge Sybil R. Moses Scholarship. This scholarship was created in 2009 by the family and friends of Judge Moses to honor her life’s work, and to provide support to students attending the law school. It will be awarded to full-time, female students based on academic merit and financial need, and may be renewed each year based on eligibility and the availability of funds.

Justice Morris Pashman Scholarship. The Pashman Scholarship supports students, preferably in the Minority Student Program, who demonstrate exceptional talent and financial need. The scholarship, established in 1999 by his family, friends, and colleagues, celebrates the memory of Justice Morris Pashman (’35), who served on the New Jersey Supreme Court for 10 years. It provides full tuition and fees for the recipient’s law school career. Recipients are known as Pashman Scholars. They serve as reminders of the high standards of scholarship, dedication, and professionalism that Morris Pashman brought to his 28-year career in the judiciary. A selection committee of law school senior staff and Pashman relatives and former clerks advise the dean on the selection of Pashman Scholars.

George L. Pellettieri Scholarship. Established in 1979, to be awarded to students from working-class families or who have an affiliation with a labor union.

William S. Powers Research Fellowship Fund. Established by a gift from the law firm of Rothgerber Appel Powers and Johnson to honor William S. Powers, a 1937 graduate of the law school, on his 80th birthday. Awarded to one or more deserving full-time law students who are interested in opportunities to conduct research and writing with law faculty members.

Honorable Sylvia B. Pressler Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship was created to honor the life & work of Sylvia B. Pressler (’59) and to support full-time students attending Rutgers Law School–Newark. Awards will be based on academic merit and financial need. Preference will be given to students who have demonstrated a commitment to serving the public interest. Scholarship awards may be renewed provided the recipient maintains eligibility.

Mary and Jesse Ridley Scholarship Fund. Established in 1992 by Jesse Ridley in honor of his late wife, Mary. An electrician by trade, Mr. Ridley had been president of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1158 for more than 35 years. The income from the fund provides assistance to promising students on the basis of need.

Gayton A. Rotunda Scholarship. This scholarship was created in 2008 to provide support for students attending the law school. Awards will be based on financial need, and may be renewed depending on the availability of funds.

Samuel Rubin Law Scholarship Fund. Established in 1958 as an endowed scholarship fund for law students through the generosity of Mr. Samuel Rubin, a friend of the school.